Rails 5 Test Prescriptions: Build a Healthy Codebase - reading notes

I finished reading Rails 5 Test Prescriptions: Build a Healthy Codebase - reading notes by Noel Rappin. It contains exactly what it claims in its lengthy title. It discusses testing in more general terms (but doesn’t go deep into motivation for testing as many books do), describes different categories of tests and puts them into practice with Rails 5 approach.

Compared to other books, this is actually pretty hands-on text. Rappin uses a simple project management app as an example to demonstrate the various approaches throughout the book. It is very much slanted towards the Rails approach but contains critical comments about the path chosen by the Rails team (and especially DHH). Personally, I found the sections on differences between Rails 4 and 5 approaches and the differing naming conventions the most valuable.

However, the whole book is packed with useful comments and tips, tool options you didn’t know about at all (or enough), classification for problems that get muddle way too easily etc. My reading notes follow:

These are my takeaways from the book. I believe any developer will find something useful in there.

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