Running Ruby tests with Spring from IntelliJ Idea / RubyMine

IntelliJ Idea is my IDE of choice for all development across multiple languages. Support for different languages varies and improves at different rate but I find it useful most of the time.

Suddenly, last week my Ruby tests stopped running. Whenever I wanted any Ruby test to run, the execution failed with:

.../spring-2.0.2/lib/spring/sid.rb:39:in `getpgid': No such process (Errno::ESRCH)

I run Ruby tests with Spring preloader which has been the default for Rails applications for last few versions and Idea integrates nicely with it. Because I just updated Ruby, I suspected the issue was somehow related. I went through the basic steps of restarting IDE to make sure it picked up on the new gemset correctly, I checked if there were updates for Spring (there were none). Running the tests outside the IDE went just fine.

Bit of googling led me to a RubyMine issue. It is more than three years old and marked as fixed, so perfect, it must be some configuration thing!

Well kinda. I don’t really understand all the details but a suggestion in a comment by Dmitry Krasilkichov is what worked for me: set an environment variable in the Spring binstub:

ENV['SPRING_SERVER_COMMAND'] = "spring server"

I’m happy it worked but it’s half an hour down the drain. Idea looks like it works with Spring and provides only a drop down to select a preloader, no extra config, but this issue is not documented for some reason.

P. S. I tried the basic setup with the previous Ruby version and didn’t work any more so I have no idea how I could have not encountered this earlier.

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