Beginner's Elm resources

As a newcomer to Elm, I’d like to share a list of resources I’ve found helpful while learning this interesting programming langauge:

Official Elm guide - introduction to Elm, detailed, strongly recommended for beginners to understand basics of Elm language, explanation of terms and function

Official example applications- very helpful from the beginning too, interactive examples show how the code works in preview, possibility to change the code and see changes on the page

Elm community links - very positive to see that you are not alone with Elm. You can ask for / give an advice, see others problems and solutions, engage with them.

Official documentation - in my view not very helpful at the very beginning but after understanding the basics you cannot do without it.

Behind the scenes blog - very informative, good to have some knowledge before use it.

KnowThen Elm course - very basics for beginners who have never before heard about Elm.

Elm type search - quick and simple when you are looking for annotations or brief definitions but you have to know what are you looking for.

Elm project on GitHub - many good advices and practical examples, very effective when you look for specific solutions.

Elm Live YouTube channel - a fascinating live coding channel by Aaron VonderHaar, the author of elm-format

Elm Weekly - a weekly newsletter with new articles and videos from the Elm world

Dennis Reimann’s series of articles - useful information from beginning working with Elm (setup and introduction) to specific problems solutions

[Elmseeds] ( - many video tutorials with examples

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